Monday, March 07, 2005

3 movies

this is a feat for me. 3 movies over the weekend.


i watched hitch last friday. it was hilarious. funny cause will smith's job is a dating guru. galing mga diskarte niya in some ways. some of his theories prove a point. some medyo debatable. naalala ko tuloy yung isang quote na nabasa ko... "When a man goes on a date, he wonders if he's gonna get lucky. A woman already knows."


finally! for weeks i have longed to see this damned movie (and someone even promised to see it with me kaya lang...) nauto ko ba or we (eng and i) mutually agreed to see constantine, much to ana's dismay (wala ngang ginawa to kundi magtext sa movie). the movie was kinda i dunno deep from what i expected. keanu naman always like doing movies like these, from the matrix to johnny mneumonic (maraming alam na kaweirduhan sa mundo ata itong si keanu hehehe.)

good versus evil. medyo magulo nga sabi ni jopen. i have worked things out in my mind on what the movie was supposed to be though may 2 questions pa rin ako... 1.) why did the angel gabriel turn into a traitor? is it because he/she was jealous of constantine? 2.) the angel was about to unleash the son of satan pero bakit pinigilan ni lucifer? there were a lot of important stuff here and there sa movie and kahit gusto pang i-analyze ng movie critic/student in me (na natutunan ko sa film 101 *bow*) it just didn't kick in fully.

the big question is where will i be laying my broken soul to rest? hmm...its getting warm in here ata *lol*

series of unfortunate events

my sis, my aunt and i decided to watch this movie because we are such suckers for books turned into screenplays. i haven't read the book personally (which i always do before watching the adapted version on screen) so i relied mostly on my tita dahil gift ko sa kanila yung 2 books of the series. it was a fun movie. funny to some extent. i liked violet's outfits there. and the way sunny thought and spoke. gibberish with a lot of sense... erks. *lol*

hay. so much for the happy weekend. i'm having a very busy monday (pero nakapagblog ka pa ha...), i wrote this in 2 installments and it has become very very wishy washy. hehehe... i have a sinking feeling that i'm gonna be real busy this week...all work and no play. waaaaah...


Pau said...

RE: Constantine:

1) As was tackled in Dogma, angels have this thing about humans being God's favorites. We humans are always forgiven, while the angels, who do all the hard work, are never given the proper credit. This is probably what drove Angel Gabriel up the wall.

2) Angel Gabriel wanted to unleash Lucifer's son unto the world because he/she wanted to herald in a new era in which the Son of Lucifer wrestles control over Hell from his father. Of course, Lucifer wouldn't want that since it would mean that he's out of the job.


Hope that helps.

eventuallypretty said...

thanks pau. it surely cleared up some stuff. :)