Friday, March 11, 2005


im happy today. :)

bakit nga ba? para akong nakaisa sa ngiti ko. *lol* :)

masaya si patty? hmmm...

umm nga pala remember the piano thing? well i take it back. gitara na lang happy my deadline, the one that i crammed last night was graded an A. yehey!

im gonna post that article since 1.) Natuwa siya for the first time sa ginawa ko. 2.) Marami nang nagtatanong what do i write about talaga so here's a sample. 3.) mayabang at masaya ako today :)

Chito Rono breaks barriers with Spirits

Spirits is another benchmark in the history of Philippine Television. Thanks to award winning director Chito Rono. Returning to the small screen with “Spirits”, his action adventure prequel to his box office breaker “Spirit Warriors” it looks like he has not only a hit series in his hands but a masterpiece, with people not just talking about it’s actors but the over all quality of the show.

Chito Rono’s avant garde way of thinking has always made him ahead of his game. “Astig maging iba.” is the show’s tagline and really it is out of the ordinary. Almost like watching a movie, every episode leaves the viewer in awe with the series’ unique camera shots, editing and effects. Everyone expected the director to just push start the project then delegate the remaining seasons to someone else but Direk Chito was hands on in every aspect of the show from the casting of its stars, the writing of its intricate script up to its editing.

Having newcomers as the show’s lead actors did not hinder the show from gaining respect from its televiewers or getting recognition for its good content. That’s what also so good about Direk Chito. He is not afraid to take chances. And discovering a new generation of stars, he again proves that he does not just produce good films but also develop young talent as well.

One may think the show is reminiscent of programs like the X-men or Charmed in the US but “Spirits” in its entirety is purely Filipino. The reason why it is so appealing to a lot of audiences is that they can easily relate to the super natural element presented on screen, the aswangs, multo, elves, diwatas and the like, which are part of the Filipino culture and beliefs.

Breaking barriers, there are even rumors of the series catching the interest of international TV networks and talks of syndication of the show are on the way. And why not, with “Spirits” serving up a good plot, interesting characters and impressive camera work, the show is something we Filipino’s should be truly proud of.

habol. another thing to be happy about. my autographed ken cd is here!!! thanks to mitzie, tina and eve my couriers. :)

fresh from singapore.ain't he such a hottie?!!

BIG THANKS to of course the one who gave me the CD. Jeanette big shout out to you :)

"happy its so nice to be happy...shalalala..."


phoebe said...

you're smile's sooo...funny nga... :D good to hear that things're going pretty for you. :)

eventuallypretty said...

hey phoebe. :) haha katawa talaga. funny things happened. salamat din sa taong nagpangiti sa kin ng ganyan hehe...

Pau said...

Hmmm. You look familiar. I have a strange feeling that we've met before. Were you there when YES! magazine did a pictorial with John & Camille Prats and their pets?

eventuallypretty said...

OMG. yes. uh-oh. hahaha...

Pau said...

Ikaw nga! Gash. Ang tahimik mo pala sa totoong buhay. :)