Thursday, March 03, 2005

jia le!

i sort of reminisced one of my fave characters on one of the f4 series i have, love storm. i liked jia le (which was played by vivian hsu, who is incidentally the current hang ten image model). she's almost like cher on clueless, the ditzy yet lovable rich girl who's a fashionista and ready to help friends who are in need. plus she loves the color pink! ( i believe siya nga ata naginfluence sa akin to like pink this much.)

anyway i saw this hairstyle sa isang jap magazine and i said to myself "hmm...magaya nga ito one of these days". and so i did. then i realized "Aba, jia le-ish!"

asan na ang mga leading men ko na sina yin feng (vic) and bao long (ken)?

and presscon din namin yesterday for heart. she bought along her very cute cocker spaniel Al! the first time i saw that pup here sa office i was all gushy all over! super cute!


i just couldn't resist cuddling the dog again...

di masyadong kita si al...he's struggling kasi ayaw magpapic!

and having this photo op with him...

aww...ain't he just adorable...

well sorry na lang sa heart fans. wala akong pic with her eh :)

i was feeling so girly yesterday.

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poison ivy said...

hindi ito violent reaction, hahaha!
waaaahhhh!!! gusto ko ng jia le look mo, kaso i'm not so much into pink!