Monday, June 27, 2005

of cereals and first impressions

i was waiting for cherry's post on our jc cuadrado shoot for pink last wednesday but since she is super dooper busy i guess i have to make do with the only pic i have (which i had to beg for btw). breakfast is the theme for the day and at last i get a writing assignment again.

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fruitloops poster gel.

it was fun really, JC being the wacko that he is. but i guess he left a sort of bad impression on the staff because he was err...super late. he isn't a bad guy really. he's charming actually. its just that we had to wait for 45 minutes for a 15 minute shoot. oh well part of the job anyway.

which brings me to making impressions. yeah when i meet someone for the first time i make sure i get on the good side of that person, smiling politely, being bubbly yet respectful at the same time. i thought it was a sure fire formula, but that isn't always the case a lesson i learned last saturday. it doesn't matter really if you put your best foot forward because there are people who are just very narrow minded.

it hurt me to know that someone who i assumed was already a friend, thought very different of me. i was the first one who introduced him to the gang so i felt i was pretty ok in his list but then again sabi nga nila maraming namamatay sa maling akala. i was earning negative points on his score board which i didn't know we, as his friends, have. harmless comments i made, my being open minded about certain things and a joke were all taken against me. and what gets me ticked off is the fact that i was judged at face value (like a book ---kidding!). i was branded when in fact he doesn't know who i really am.

i was thinking of keeping quiet whenever he is around but then again why should i adjust to him? this is me, take it or leave it. i couldn't believe that i, ms. congeniality became a victim of prejudice. deep wow. haha. seriously, i usually find good in people i meet but now i have come to a bitter conclusion that some people are just born assholes.


gelamae said...

ate patty, we are goddesses! i do not think that you have to give a damn about those assholes, jerks and plain judgmental pigs...well, you do not have to prove them wrong either...let them be because you cannot correct close-minded stupid me :)

kalypso said...

does he even realize how mean he is? what wouldn't i give to give him a dose of his own medicine. pano ba mako-contact and christmas past, present and future? somehow i have a feeling na he was treated badly as a kid... siguro he was teased around a lot or bullied... actually pat, i feel sorry for him. somebody should let him know na what he's doing is sooooo not cool. para shang wolf is sheep's clothing... kala mo mabait, pagtalikod mo sasakmalin ka pala. i'd like to think na he's not a hopeless case... bahala na si batman!

Quentin said...

oh sorry guys. i know i am mean, but i really love you all. with sugar icing on top. and nuts. don't forget nuts.

shadesofizebox said...

oh im sorry as well.. sometimes saying it directly can just bring me back to earth.. just dont forget to constantly remind me that the wind is too strong on my side.. hehehe.. but sure enough you know i all love you.. your family... :D we are the batfamily.. hehehe..

Quentin said...

I'm Bat-ugan!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

er, i did not post anything about the JC shoot because I would have pre-empted the issue. *cough *cough. and he was more than 45 minutes late. more like an hour plus.

anyway, at one time or another, we're guilty of judging people by how they look (like in our case, around 3 hours ago hehe). But when a person begins airing his opinions like what this person did then @#$%QWQ#$%@#.

if you can assume on the surface that he is a decent human being and not the scum bag that really is, then you're a better person than he is.