Thursday, June 09, 2005

had enough

i was supposed to upload our pics from the catalog pictorial last monday but with the work load yesterday, i forgot and remembered it when we were about to go home. anyway here's a preview of photos to come.

cowgirl. yan ba ang empty? yeah fake yang smile na yan. have a cow man.

talked to yet another guy friend. i knew the answer already but i have to hear it again...and again...and again. to accept the truth fully. the ache to remember the lesson. i should have stayed hidden in the box. behind the jumbled words.and smiley faces.

it seemed so right. but i was wrong. i should have had enough.


Quentin said...

dman it. somebody post something happy.

smiley said...

falto nuestras conversaciones. :(

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

avah, may shtyling pah!

quentin is right. post something happy.

you really are a glutton for punishment. stop torturing yourself. ang wrinkles 'day, baka lumabas sa kakaproblema diyan.

shadesofizebox said...

waiting for that moment when you'll post something that wont remind me that i'm alanganing single din.. gosh! could you put on a real smile.. or its impossible already! well hope you're in a good mood on saturday.. take care!