Tuesday, June 07, 2005


i'm supposed to be finishing a deadline by 10 am and here i am blogging.
i feel so empty today. i dunno why.
i was thinking the past few days.
if i die today would people attend my funeral?

i hope this day would end, fast.

there was this girl.
she ran. and ran.
as if in a race.
she didn't hear what the others
were telling her.
their mouths moved.
but didn't mean a thing.
she ran and ran.
she didn't look at the road ahead.
she tripped.
she fell flat on her face.
and she didn't want to get up again.
because it felt fine.
to just lie there.


ahirunopekkles said...

patricia, ang morbid ng mga thoughts mo...erase erase erase ...

ayvi said...

not yet...di pa tayo nag-uusap. if and when He does calls for you, i'll be there to ask Him to give you back, coz i've yet to see the the day when we're old w/ tons of grandchildren, sitting in rocking chairs and pondering about our dentures!".

Marco said...

talagang may araw lang na nangyayari yan... may entry din akong empty eh...

tinawjj said...

we all feel empty at one time or another. you are not alone.

Quentin said...

so remember kids, if people are telling you you're running with your shoelaces untied, then pay heed 8)

poison ivy said...

hi patty, only U can fill the emptiness in you. pero madami akong excess sa buhay, madami ding unwanted people... pwede na ba yung pang-fill? hehehe joke lang! :p

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

depression must be contagious since all of us were feeling it yesterday.

sometimes emptiness can be a good thing. it reminds us that we should never stop improving ourselves, seeking out happiness and pursuing our dreams.

the fact that people are reading your blog means someone cares about you and what goes on in your life. the fact that people text you (even if you don't always answer right away. hint hint) means they remember you.

(this bout of optimism is brought to you by the caffeine consumed by drinking a two-tea bag dose of tea)