Thursday, June 23, 2005

more lessons

nice one ms. raven.

"That's why there's such a thing as FUBUs and friends with benefits," he said. "Because usually women don't demand for more than they deserve. Once they like the guy, they're willing to settle for what they can get, cause they're afraid to lose him."

"And of course, for a guy, this is perfect. He gets the benefit — without the commitment," Michael continues. "He doesn't need to get to know her better or work for it. He gets what he wants for free anyways so why not?"

do you read this my friends? chelo? jiale? leah? anna? rose? patty? oh that's me pala *ahem*.

nice one. nice one...


... beachfreak said...

I was able to read this too in raventina's blog. =( Why do we fall prey to them each and every time...?

Oh well. Maybe it's time I changed all that...

Take care Patty.

tinawjj said...

let's take it as a lesson for all of us.

we shouldn't settle because we deserve the same, if not more, than the guys do.

abe said...

This is based from my personal experienced-- Nagui-guilty ako afterwards... :(

ahirunopekkles said...

hmm...i dont want to generalize but..."all men are created equal"... and it turned out they're all -------.

Quentin said...

what's all this nonsense!

you women are the ones who violate our bodies!

katawan ... katawan ... lagi na lang sex hanap nyo. gusto rin naman namin ng relationship a.


*activate force shield*

eventuallypretty said...

hahaha...leche ka talaga francisco! may araw ka din!

*lightning and thunder*

promise napahagalpak ako. :P