Monday, June 20, 2005

blue is the theme of the day

nakikisama ang weather talaga. it's raining cats and dogs outside. and i'm wearing my blue gamusa pumps that i bought for 250 sa galleria.

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i fear na baka magkakalas-kalas siya when it gets wet *lol*

the guys (as in the males of the group) at pex are a little on the senti mode a while ago. isa pa sila sa nakikisama sa akin. i'm feeling blue again. told you the sunshiny feeling wouldn't last more than a week.

i have a theory. this is the normal me. melancholy. me being exhilarated, now that's abnormal. hmm. i wonder what more theories about myself i'd come up with while i'm having this pensive state of mind...


Quentin said...

you're hallucinating. here. inhale some paint fumes.

shadesofizebox said...

who's in senti mode?? hehehe..