Monday, June 06, 2005

my week in a dozen whats

1. what was the weirdest thing you did this week?
*took a bath with the bathroom door open so i could hear pops in seoul in the background hehe...

2. what was the nicest thing you heard someone say?
*you're (pex nick here)? wow.

3. what was the silliest thing you did?
*texted someone i missed him.

4. what was the most sarcastic thing you said?
* actually texted gela to say goodluck to 'acheng' for me.

5. what was the naughtiest thing you did?
*'teased' someone for the nth time. so sorry :)

6. what song have you played over and over again in your CD player?
* jjang nara's is it true and five candles by jars of clay

7. what's your dilemma of the week?
*lack of funds.

8. what's one realization you have this week?
*what else is new, im insecure. thanks so much luther for pointing it out :p

9. what is something you don't like doing but now you are doing it?
*waiting. i'm not the most patient of persons and i dunno why im being this patient. to the one who's making me wait -- i'm taking your word for it.

10. what got on your nerves?
*besides that woman at the drinking fountain, my windburned lips takes the cake. it hurts...

11. what's something you haven't done for sometime and did this week?
*actually 2 things a.) went out without blowdrying my hair (brownout!) and b.) i cooked! (carbonara)

12. what's the one word you absolutely dread hearing?
*the word soon. the person who thought of that word should be jailed for the word's indefiniteness.


shadesofizebox said...

wow! i didnt know you appreciate me pointing out you being insecure.. hehehe.. anyways patikim naman ng carbonara mo? hehehe.. well i guess its a hectic week for you.. hope you take it easy.. ei! dont be so insecure your great just the way you are.. promise!

tinawjj said...

maybe you've waited enough and it's time to stop?

maybe it's time that you become the one to make someone wait?