Wednesday, June 15, 2005

a lot like love part deux

even if the movie a lot like love got me into 'mukmok' mode, as i call my baddest of senti days, the first time i saw it, i went to a second screening for the sake of commiserating with chelo. it was a small favor for a girl who i usually rant to about the aches, pains and joys of my current love life sitch.

the movie didn't hit me that hard like the first time, maybe because my monday date and its effects are still rubbing off yesterday (and admittedly til today). luther even asked me for like a third time if until when my sunny beam would last (jiale and chelo also asked the same thing thank you very much). i tried real hard not to be too happy in front of chelo *lol* we never do learn do we girl. and i just couldn't believe you swallowed your big fat pride for that guy who doesn't deserve you. yeah they always tell us we deserve someone better cause we are after all pretty special. yet we settle. wahahaha. anyway who am i to lecture, we have diffrent strokes though we both arrive at the same results *lol*. happiness is a choice they say, but what will you do when the very thing that makes you happy is also the same thing that makes you feel miserable?

anyone who, can touch you, can hurt you, or heal you.
anyone who, can reach you, can love you, or leave you.


among the 4 of us (luther, chelo, sally and moi), i was the first one to get a cab. i'm used to riding cabs alone, my work requiring me to spend time in the office till the wee hours in the morning. i'm usually quiet, assessing either what happened the whole day, the things to do tomorrow or important thoughts i've kept at bay because of work. i'm so used to this time to think that i was a bit pissed at the cab driver that night. he kept on talking. and talking. and talking. from dissing the car in front of us (siguro daw pokpok dahil 2 bading ang kasama and may tattoo yung girl), to his nieces (na babambuhin daw niya kung magpatattoo), to gma and erap (kawawa naman si erap, nakakulong din dahil sa jueteng) and guessing if i rode on his cab before. i don't mind a discussion once in a while but man, sana with sense naman! i just kept uttering 'uhuh' and smiling just to stop the conversation. but he kept on yakking to the point of insisting he knew where my street was. i was holding my "manong marunong pa kayo sa akin bahay namin yun" speech back cause i'm not also the type to get into long discussions. so i just said straight and turn right, paid him and got off.

if i was a manga character i would have had that big sweatdrop on my forehead or that gray cloud above my head. buti na lang mas malaki pa rin ang percentage ng pagiging masaya ko para masira ang araw ko. *whew*


chel said...

i was dumped alright, as much as i want to deny it, yes i was dumped ( do i really have to say that damn word 2 x?)

to hell with him patty, to hell with him...

and thanks, you're right, i never really learned, moving on...

ahirunopekkles said...

patty..same ang topic natin...har har har.. :)

poison ivy said...

yay! scary cab driver! me ganyan din ako na na-encounter sa cebu. i was texting mike the whole time para maalis ang takot ko... katakot talaga grabe.

gelamae said...

honestly, we have the right to be hurt but, we also have the right to uplift our ate patty, you have the right to be a GODDESS and think that you deserve someone as perfect and as great as you. :)