Thursday, June 02, 2005

a lot like love

"it felt a lot like love..."

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i saw HIM in ashton.
but maybe because i see ME in amanda.

"don't. you'll ruin it..."

then again it's just a movie.

there's nothing like a great ruin a perfectly good friendship.


Quentin said...

oh but romance opens up treasure chests that would otherwise been coffee tables.

ofcourse, if it was just a coffee table all along, the coffee on top could make quite a mess :}

Jopen said...

it really depends on how much you value the friendship... i'm speaking from experience of course... i'd rather forgive than give up the friendship... give up my pride than miss the companionship... but of course, it still depends on how much you're prepared to take... jia you!... kaya mo yan!

shadesofizebox said...

gosh! you really hate the idea of love and friendship.. or mabe im just getting a little misconception over here..

oh well romance happens when friendship is not enough for love to kick in.. hehehe.. just a thought.. or its just something the heart desires but illogically cannot be possible.. :wink: