Thursday, February 03, 2005

para mas masaya

para mas maganda naman yung entry ko for today...para di naman nakakaiyak hahaha...

[Name 3 schools you went to]
*Our Lady of Grace Academy
*UP Diliman

[Name 3 of your favorite vacations spot]
*Hong Kong (kung libre haha)

[Name 3 things in your wallet]
*ATM Cards

[Name 3 things you always wear]
*My necklace

[Name 3 of your closest friends]
*Ivy a
*TC peeps – di kasya lahat sa 3 numbers lang so collective na yung last 2

[Name 3 of your favorite songs]
*Just A Girl by No Doubt
*With or Without You by U2
*Ke Shi Wo by Ken Zhu

[Name 3 favorite places to shop]

[Name 3 THINGS you love to do]
*Watch TV

[Name 3 most valuable things]
*My computer
*My nokia 3650

[Name 3 of your fav color]

[Name 3 foods you love]
*fried chicken

[Name 3 recent expenses]
*call card
*charm bracelet

[Name 3 of your fav cartoon/fictional characters]
*Sailor Jupiter
*Wakefield Twins (haha)

[Name 3 goals in 2005]
*Get more rakets
*stable love life!
*get that 27 inch waist line…

[Name 3 plans for next week]
*do the laundry
*buy pink ballet flats
*not eat haha

[3 people in your mind right now]

[3 things you're going to do in an hour]
*pretend to work
*check email
*sort the kalat sa table ko

[3 words/phrases you like to use a lot]
*”Talaga Lang…”

[3 things you didn't like last year]
*a certain person
*financial problems
*na-memohan ako

[3 things friends do to u very often]
*tease me about my plethora of boylets (kala lang nila)
*tell me their problems
*kuhaan ng intriga at chismis (ngunit wala silang mapiga)

[3 things u do when you're sad]
*I go shopping
*I blog
*I look for someone to talk to

[3 things you do when you're happy]
*I smile a lot
*I say a prayer of thanks to God
*Pay it forward, try and make someone happy too.

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