Monday, February 07, 2005

of ukay-ukay's, pink ballet pumps and some unfortunate events

what an eventful weekend that was.

off to UK i go...(ukay ukay to you and me)
as you guys all well know, i go uhhh shopping when i get a bit sad, lonely -- alright depressed. and then my sister goes "uyy...maraming bago sa ukay ukay!" so off we go last saturday sa may galleria. i was overwhelmed. i just couldn't resist the nice jackets (bought 2), skirts (bought a super nice silk silver skirt) and blouses. grand total? P1,200. that's about 12 to 13 pieces of very good clothes. bargain talaga. :) me and my sister combed through racks and racks of clothing. pagdating sa ganito my patience really kicks in. pag may tiyaga talaga me nilaga hehehe...

perfect pink shoes

but the real reason why i wanted to go shopping was i wanted to find my perfect, pink ballet pumps. ayaw ko kasi ng flats. the heels add regality *aherm* and poise kasi. i like standing tall and good shoes make the whole get up complete. ayan lumalabas nanaman ang pagka fashionista ko. anyway i thought gale was the best place to search for these shoes, and within my budget. but sad to say there were 'sort of' shoes lang, not the types that scream your name when you see the right pair. so next stop was, where else but megamall. i almost found my pair sa cinderella. kaya lang it cost 700 so dapat ko syang kalimutan hahaha... i also went to SM department store, muntik na din yung isang pair. though flats siya and mule type, it looked nice on my feet. but last pair na siya and a bit dirty so i said wag na lang. my perfect pink shoe is waiting out there for me *lol* ... oh and in search din ako ng black pumps...grabe na ang addiction ko sa shopping.

and then some unfortunate events
first: since it was the weekend, i gave my sister a break from the cooking duties at home and did it on sunday. what's bad is that ang dami kong talsik ng mantika, as in red angry welts on my arms and fingers. buti na lang i'm wearing a cardigan so di siya kita today. and i know the red angry welts will soon turn into brown ugly spots. *yuch*
second: i forgot to buy my rabbit a water bottle.
third: i forgot to pay my citibank bill on it's due date. so may late charges nanaman ako. argh.
fourth: he didn't text me for 5 days straight. and when he did, sabi niya he was in a retreat and was feeling a bit sad, lost. i was lost a few times myself. madalas the feeling comes during my birthdays eversince i hit the age of 2-5. and of course ang babaeng dapat dra-drama siya ang nadramahan. and he offered to talk about it. i said yes. the big question is kelan kaya yun?
fifth: eto today. i wore my new white skirt, with black undies, thinking it wouldn't show dahil may lining ang skirt. ending it was obvious if you stared long enough in other words = mahalay. *lol*

case in point
1.when it comes to the things that i love, mahaba ang pasensiya ko. (uuyy ano yang revelation na yan?)
2.when it comes to fashion i don't settle for anything less but when it comes to the love department, i was ready to settle with what was offered to me...(what a realization!)
3. And sometimes you just don't realize your mistakes till it stares you right in the eye or someone tells you point blank. (ana thanks for pointing out na mahalay ako *bow*)

hay malapit na ang valentines...


Cecille said...

pareho tayo ... mahaba ang pasensya ko sa mga bagay (at taong?) mahal ko ... and when it comes to the affairs of the heart, i would settle for what was offered to me ...

ouch !!!!

... alam mo dala ng pebrero tong pagsesenti na to ...

ahirunopekkles said...


buti nga kayo valentines lang ang inaalala sa feb...e ako tatanda na naman...tic tac tic biological clock just wont shut up...sheez!

pero excited naman ako sa edsa ne? mimi!