Thursday, February 03, 2005

just here

the mood says it all. i'm just here. i'm sure you've said the same thing to alot of special people in your lives. there are some who appreciate you. some pag alam na lagi kang nandyan take advantage of you. some though forget you even exist.

well right now that's what i feel. i'm just here. existing in my own little space in this whole wide world. may nakakaalala kaya na i'm here?

ano ba ang bottom line ng dramang ito? *lol* he knows i'm just here. sometimes he appreciates me.some days he takes advantage of me. and sometimes i feel he forgets that i'm here waiting.

life is so exciting. :)

1 comment:

leahtong said...

haay ate patty...drama queen kna ata? or naghahabulan tayo???lol...'no b'yan?! dnt despair! sbi nga ng south border, there's a rainbow always after the rain... just so u know, if u need anythin, i'm just here.... =)