Monday, April 04, 2005

tagaytay once again

i almost backed out of our 2nd tagaytay trip. i dunno, was feeling lazy i suppose. or making tipid. but i thought what the heck. i'm gonna be busy (kuno) and the april 8th thingy made me think na alright i'll go. and i'm glad i did. as usual it was a laugh trip. 9 kami all in all plus 2 visitors. parang naulit lang yung last time. the only difference was the pool was not as cold as before... kaya feeling ko asa beach ako *lol*

testing the waters. me, chelo, anne and chelo minus anna. we just got there and unahan na sa pool. it was so hot.

me having a dry run for bora. ang kapal ko talaga.

crowded shot. naputol si anne.

ang swerte naman ng batang to...posing with pex royalty, tsk tsk...*lol*

moi and my partner in crime :)

the girls with new 'barkada' ross

me with the paparazzi guys. oist pakierase na yung mga kahindik-hindik kong pics will ya???

night swimming with the girls.complete na coz anna's here!

the guys. na pilit pinapaattend ni chelo ng sayawan. (l-r) luther, nino, ross and francis.

the complete cast. with glen and mel ang mga bagong salta. as usual naaliw rin sila tulad nung former na 2 bisita *lol*

so kelan yung next trip? baguio naman... :)


Pau said...

Weird. You're the third blogger I know aside from myself who was in Tagaytay last weekend.

Quentin said...

nyehehe, may gagayahin ako sa blog mo