Sunday, April 10, 2005

i have returned

guess what? im already back working. and its a sunday.

my back still hurts. i think it's still bruised. i didn't think it would be that bloody. but it was. i can't even move my arms freely. can't even brush my bangs from my face. and when i sleep i feel like i'm not really rested. i only sleep in one position and that position sort of locks my lower back.

ang hirap maging isang invalid *lol* and what's funny is that my doctor was concerned that i couldn't wear low necked blouses and stuff that's why he made the incision a little lower. haha...i wasn't even thinking about that. i can live with it.

wanna see my scar? *wink*

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Pau said...

Ok, since nobody has replied yet, and since we're talking about sex in the "other thread"; I'll bite:

Where is your scar anyway?