Wednesday, April 06, 2005


that's all i can say. and if you can convert sigh into a feeling, that's probably what i'm feeling right now.

for the first time i think im regretting something i did.


phoebe said...

"for the first time i think im regretting something i did"

--everything happens for a reason and may you or otherwise like it, that's the law of the land :-/ 'been having a lot of spells like this myself lately and am telling you, if all of mine turn into feelings too...i can die happy the following day :) chill lang :-*

shadesofizebox said...
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shadesofizebox said...

regret comes when a person is not satisfy with the results or his/her conscience whispers what should have been the right action..

life is not perfect coz we are not perfect.. we can try to live life perfectly but we can only do so much.. we are only humans.. we make mistakes.. and from those mistakes we partake in the lives of the people around us..

:) just go with the flow.. 8-)