Monday, April 18, 2005


my energy feels so low. i dunno if it has got to do with the fact i was here at the office as early as 8 am to finish a deadline. and a super deadline it was. as soon as i hit the send button in my email i get a text from you know who, looking for my article. now i feel so sleepy.

and misty.

while cutting up news clips, i've also come into another hard realization. and what big thing is that? im gonna keep it to myself muna. masyado atang masakit.

i think im gonna lie down for a while.


haloperidol said...

well hi there hello nice rants
ikaw pala yun di nga?

uchisan said...

sigh!!! miss ko na yung patty gel na masayahin. :( when will she come back? ingat ka lagi!!! mwah!!

eventuallypretty said...

hay uchi. i miss the old me too. but i guess i just can't go back cause this air of sadness has become part of me...

parang buy one take one... :)

miss ya uchi.