Monday, April 11, 2005

can you help moi?

my back itches grr...i need volunteer back scratchers!

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WANTED: Volunteer Back Scratchers (code-VBS)
REQUIREMENTS: No aversion to blood or stitches. Doesn't have long finger nails. can scratch on command. gentle scratcher preferred because of bruises. the heavy handed need not apply.
COMPENSATION: You scratch my back, i'll scratch yours.

applicants just leave you contact details in the comments section.


some of my online friends say i'm somehow different. that they injected me with something at the hospital and i'm not the old me. are there any differences? hmm... oh well maybe it has something to do with my back needing to be scratched furiously yet with care hehehe...


shadesofizebox said...

hmmm.. looks like im the first to apply.. hehehe.. :wink: or you would want my dog "Monster" to scratch your back.. hehehe.. hmmm.. patty kasi naman maligo ka na at maghilod.. kaya makati ang likod mo eh.. *lol*

poison ivy said...

hehe, post mo yan sa jobstreet! ok ka na ba manay?

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

caladryl na lang. pink pa siya. you love pink di ba? hehe

>sheE said...


Quentin said...

still dunno the old you o_O