Thursday, January 20, 2005

idle mind

i couldn't sleep for 2 nights in a row. thinking. and thinking. when the mind's not preoccupied it dwells on the one thought i really, really don't want to think about. arrrggghh...

im trying to write my press release for monday. but the sadness in my heart is distracting me. ayoko na ng puro lungkot sa buhay. i prayed real hard for HIM to make the sadness and pain go away. i wish i was the same Patty I was before, distracted by my F4 and korean obssession...but then again i wouldn't have grown to who i am now right?

i hope i get distracted at ana's wedding tomorrow and the days after.
sana matuloy na yung Galera namin. i hope i have new rackets and earn more money to go shopping. para makalimutan ko na to.

tama si ivy. i know that this too shall pass.

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