Monday, July 31, 2006

Dreary Monday

It's another rainy monday. I really hate the rainy days. The DJs on the radio are right. One would love the rain IF you're absolutely ain't gonna do anything except lounge around the house. Or you're not living in Malabon and Navotas. Hehe -- the reason why we always tease Flow to bust out his kayak everytime it rains. (He refers to his home in Sangandaan an island.)

This is the view outside our office.

see the PBB house below? the pinoy dream academy is just beside it. just wanted everyone to know.

Anyhoos, my feet are wet again. BUT I was surprised to find an ABS-CBN shuttle at the Q.Ave MRT station! I got dropped off at the Starbucks right at the ELJ entrance. Galing. Ala lang. It just amused me.

Before I end this here's the link to LDW's pics. Enjoy!


evelash said...

swerte mo pat! ako wala akong nakitang ganyan!!! hehehe

confunded said...

may favoritism?