Monday, July 24, 2006

Dong Wook-shi!

I wanted to call him that when he walked by right in front of us after the presscon. The agony of being so near yet so far.

Alright I'm not a major LDW fan, but he's a Korean actor and a good looking one at that so therefor he counts on my must-see-in-person list. We (Abby and I) were at the presscon at exactly 4 PM. We got in together with the publishing people and got seated at the table right in front. Of course I had to test my camera (ah my SO's pala) so I took pictures of the A.rang poster beside the MyGirl one. I was surprised when this Korean girl started talking to me. She was actually a writer for Manila Seoul Weekly, a publication for Koreans in the PH. I also got to talk to her Filipino counterpart, Tin.

Then commotion. He has finally arrived. LDW had this boyish charm about him that made him more...approachable. He laughed graciously at some of the press people's jokes and comments.

BUT an old fag, who thinks his clout can get him anywhere gate crashed the presscon, fought with LDW's interpreter plus grabbed his arm, the injured one at that! He started calling people names, said something ill to the guests and stomped out like an ogre who didn't get what he wanted. All hopes of getting a picture with LDW flew out the window...He has agreed to a group picture for goodness sake!

This was the closest I got. Oh well, at least I got to ask him the last question of the day and managed to say, "Anneyonghaseo! Patricia imnida!...".

And that ends my LDW adventure. *bow* (I'll post links to the pics as soon as I dl them.)



isa ito sa mga bagay na habang buhay kong pagsisisihan...ang di man lamang sya nasilayan...i had classes and driving school kasi. hay.

Quentin said...

they say koreans don't have buttcracks XD
just a plain hole at the bottom

yes, I'm mean :}

eventuallypretty said...

hoy anche. am panget mo. hmpft. ^^

uchisan said...

letch naman yung Fag na yun! ^^ sana ako na lang nag gatecrash. pwede ba i name drop mo na kung sino yun? i blind item pa ba raw? ^^