Saturday, October 22, 2005

turning korean again

Late story telling, though i think you my readers would be interested to know that last friday me, cherry and eve rushed to makati to the post celebration of rica's birthday and tina's despedida. i mentioned this to rica that night, us treating her out to dinner is the right way to celebrate a friend's birthday not the other way around, the birthday girl giving the blow out.

stuffed to the hilt (a lot of us trying to figure out how to stand up with grace from our cross legged sitting positions)with yummy korean dishes and leah taking a pic of our footwear (guess which one is mine) we were then off to 'norebang', the korean term for karaoke bars. after teasing elle with the korean owner (who they say has a crush on her), the gang just went wild singing and DANCING (leah got attached to the tambourine btw) to each and every korean tune. Thanks to Uchi and her 'kodigo' we always get a score of 90 and above hehehe...we ended the night singing a classic karaoke number -- just once (i was suggesting my way though we might have ended up stabbing each other haha) and teasing elle again because we got a huge discount on the bill. Though it was Uchi's discount card that really did the trick. :) Hope we do that again sometime guys...

PS. to those who are curious if my BF and i are still mad at each other (and also to his benefit) we have already kissed and made up. hehehehe... thanks to the concerned peeps. love ya guys. :)


Quentin said...

i like kimchi :}


naiinggit ako! yaan nyo, next time, pag okay na sked ko, sama na ako ulit sa mga gimikan!