Monday, October 10, 2005

irksome observations

some observations on the way to work, inside the MRT...

my tips to college boys and college girls out there (kolehiyala's listen up)

1.)If you are wearing a uniform, specially the white kind, wear a decent bra. do not wear colored underwear please. and if you really must do so, try to fix your straps and fasten your hooks in the right places. you might think you are looking cool but we can see right through, so please heed, it's ugly.

2.) Even if you are the most cool looking dude on campus it is a major turn off if your shoes are dirty. rubber shoes and sneakers are forgivable but black kiwi for goodness sake. same goes for the girls too.

3.)Should you be bringing a lot of stuff to school, bring a bag to stow your stuff in. It is not a crime to bring one to class. we know you are geniuses but you need not display it. so you don't make fools of yourselves picking up paper at the MRT door or dropping your MRT ticket because you are trying to balance 3 tons of books in your hands. (it is extremely bothersome and irksome to pick up the flat MRT ticket on the dirty MRT station floor. it has happened to me)

4.) Do not put leave on conditioner while riding the train! Even though some stupid commercial says you can condition anytime, anywhere, it is not nice looking to do it in front of a hundred or so people riding with you in the same MRT car. promise boys won't get attracted to you by seeing you able to condition your hair while you are walking around the university belt.

5.) It is not shameful to bring an umbrella when it's raining. it is more embarassing for you to arrive in school looking like a drowned poodle. No one will laugh at you for not wanting to get wet walking in the rain. Now bringing a paper parasol during a storm, ah that's a different thing all together. oh and add to that -- holding an umbrella when the sun's out shining. and you are a guy.


Quentin said...

but i like using paper parasols during storms :(

Anonymous said...

i really have a thing for the way you look...pity we're worlds and chances apart...let me just enjoy your existence from where i am...