Monday, May 09, 2005

much ado about nothing

hey. i'm back. i tried some kind of a withdrawal from my blog and from PEX for a week. it was some kind of relief. and sacrifice in a way. yet i still feel empty. much fuss over nothing. ha. the only thing that made me happy over the weekend was me getting 'that' thing. quentin so much for world peace happening. :)

so what else came up except for me being more bitter? weeell i wore colorful clothes last friday, thinking it would lift my spirits. i was excited to wear my purple juicy couture jacket. but then when i got to the office, my boss said i looked like barney.

bleh. so i look like my most hated character. at least my armpits don't stick to my sides. bleh.

nuff of the funnies. i just can't help spreading the bitterness around. those who can relate just sing my song on my mind with me.

i hope HE does explain. because i just don't get it sometimes.

1 comment:

Quentin said...

uhm. next, i'll solve world hunger.