Monday, May 02, 2005

labor day!

This was the supposed day of our bora trip (which has been pushed to june *eh*). it's been sweltering hot these past weeks and yesterday was no exception. i was peeved because i had to work on a sunday, a supposed holiday plus the fact that i didn't get to hang at the mall or even sleep late...

1030 am: i was already at the office in my white shirt and handy dandy mini (i wouldn't be caught dead in jeans while trudging in the hot sun...ang lagkit nun). i had to pick up lunch for everyone at the farmers mall in cubao and gulay it was so hot, the service van's aircon couldn't cool me and the utility men down. first waah. when i got back to the office parang nanghihina na agad ako...but! i managed to squeeze in a little picture time...

me and gidg
plopping down beside gidget at the hallway of dressing rooms 17-19. it's lunch time :)

200 pm: time to gather everyone into 4 vans and set off to raja sulayman along roxas boulevard. had no choice but to sit at the back and be burnt by the scorching sun through the van's not tinted windows...

me and leah
good thing leah was beside me. we sung at the top of our lungs much to our artist's amusement. oh and yeah someone was making me smile here. someone pretty bad :P

330 pm: ay! the ultimate stickiness! ni ayaw namin magdikit nina aby dahil argh ang lagkit ng feeling. we had to get the stars dressed, line them up for pictorials, interviews and the presentation. yung iba pasaway pa. but the clothes were great and the boys and girls were ok over all.

karel marquez on stand by for an interview for Qpids

si glaiza habol sa retouch before their picture taking

for some more photos of the Flores De Mayo go here.

600 pm: as day turns into night the boys and girls get restless. who wouldn't? with the summer heat, the stuffy and itchy clothes, high heels and makeup i'd be wanting to run to air conditioned shakey's just across the street, order a thin crust pizza and a pitcher of rootbeer.

me and maus
me and dear friend maoui david while she's lining up for the presentation. her neck is actually complaining sa tight necklace and her legs are all sweaty because of her petticoats. paano nga ba siya makakaupo?

ang pogi naman ng mamang to...carlo aquino threatening to escape in a jeepney or kalesa. he even pretended (yeah kunwari lang) to bribe us...with pizza *lol*

630 pm: even the staff was getting restless. jet valle and my boss makes chika to jc cuadrado and we realize he was absolutely cute and charming. sooo...when he suddenly sits down beside me on the bench, sa kawalan ng magawa we went on fan mode *lol*

me and JC
me the ultimate anti-showbiz (before i worked in abs) having a fan pic moment. kahiya!

730 pm: we started walking for the sagala. and it was no short stroll in the park. it was a 3 km, stress inducing, sweat producing walkathon. buti na lang good natured pa rin ang mga artista. tawa na lang kami ng tawa. and i was surprised, a lot of people do still recognize some of our artists (yes, di pa din kami papatalo sa kapuso harhar!). we still produce the best stars. eat your heart out kapitbahay na network. :P

bawal magpahinga! haha...pagod na si alwyn and jill. but they still walked to the finish line!

me and thess
Nagpapatawa na lang kami nina Thess. Pero nagrereklamo na din yung mga paa namin...

900 pm: hay finally dinner. Sabi nga ni janice candidate 17 pa lang tapos na sila kumain ni Thess. And concerned pa naman kami ni joy wondering where they went. while shoveling our dinner (yes my hands were shaking while i was spearing a lettuce leaf from my salad), rico j and marco sison serenaded us (di ako makarelate hahaha). the the winners were announced with matching fireworks display, signaling it's time to go home. finally.

ooh...that's where our taxes go...bulong sa kin ni kuya allan thinking city of manila ang sponsor. yun pala unilever hehehe...

1130 pm: back to homebase. taxi na ko pauwi. di na kaya ng powers ko magbasa ng sign board and pumara ng bus. zzz.

oops my entry got long. but it's a picture book entry anyway so i hope you're still reading up to this part. :)


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

My gulay. I was only with you guys in the morning but it was tiring already. Logistical nightmare, especially when some people who were supposed to show up failed to do so :)

SooHK said...

Labour day, I spend the day watching DVD....Nice photos you had there...