Monday, May 29, 2006

What's your edition?

Because of my current work load (which will end by Saturday hopefully) I have come up with a proposal of future edition themes...

1.) Gay Edition - Sino sa kanila ang tunay na nagpasalon?
2.) Politician Edition - Who will not be murdered in their sleep?
3.) UAAP Edition - Let's switch colors, let Ateneo wear green and La Salle don blue then see what happens.
4.) Magkakagalit Celebrity Special - Sinong galit kanino? Sabunutan 'to at sampalan.
5.) The Guess Whos Gay Edition - Think of that reality game show. Yun na yun. (The one who goes "Pare pa-kiss." is the culprit)
6.) Family Celebrity Edition - Mga Gutierrez vs Mga Cruz (something to that extent mwahahah)
7.) The Sosy Edition - Make them live inside Big Brother's Barong Barong house. I can imagine the dialogue..."Kuya like edible ba ang isaw?"

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