Saturday, May 20, 2006


That was everyone's general expression on our floor when the lights went out. It was weird really to think that we are supposedly the "IT" section of the company and here we were, without any protection system for our PCs. At my former office in the other building, when the lights go out my PC remains open. Haha.

To go back to the "Aarrgh!" expression from yesterday, I was updating my site then and what frustrated me was, since my PC takes forever to upload and insert pictures, I have to restart AND add pics again. I was 2 pictures away to pressing update. Boo-hoo.

And when I looked up everyone was on their feet. Cursing. Parang stock market ang nagcrash...

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cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

leche. nangyari din sa akin ng nagpapasok ako ng corrections and editing an article. ako ata ang pinakalakas na ARGGGGHHH sa opis