Monday, December 19, 2005

party party

went to two christmas parties. twas a blast. thanks to my 'sisters' for the down time spent eventhough y'all tortured me with your mommy, anak and S.I. jokes. thank you ha. hehe. (kung ano ang S.I. just ask the sisters, that is if you figure out who they are. isa pang hehe).

as usual the unang gimik kids(if you can call us kids still), laugh trip til 5 AM. plus i dunno where shaider and annie came from but ayan nabinyagan ko na kayo mwahaha. but i do hope you guys figure out kung ano ba talaga kayo... (alien o pulis kalawakan? figure it out Annie before showing your undies! *lol*)

two more christmas parties to go, 2 more exchange gifts (kainis ang nabunot ko dito sa defartment namin) and then its a hohoho to bulacan. gosh i'll miss my SO. waaah...


Quentin said...

hindi ko narinig tungkol kina shaider at annie :*(

eventuallypretty said...

quents: paano basa ka ng basa ng EP-PEYCH-EM. ahehe. hayaan mo ikwekwento ko sa iyo ang matalinhagang kwento nila as soon as we see each other. :p