Friday, December 02, 2005

on a lighter note

dropped by katie's blog just a few minutes ago and saw an interesting bit. pagaya katie ha. :)

timeline tag anyone?

10 years ago
i was a second year journalism student at UP Diliman, just discovering that i have a knack for computers (should have taken graphic design or programming), applying sa UP MCO, and crushing on arki. haha...

5 years
i jumped eyes closed into the entertainment industry, becoming a PR writer for you know where. i think curse ata yung nangyaring yun hehehe...

A year ago
my heart was getting broken by some jerk of a guy. discovered the singles thread sa pex. met new friends.

i had dinner with joy. and pondering what the future holds for us(abroad na ba joy?). yummy new york fries though.

i'll be the candle sponsor at my college best bud ivy's wedding.

i was pissed off by my landlord. missed my B. coffee in an hour with some of the f4fu mods(semi retired na ata kami lahat).2 deadlines still pending. hugging my B later.

I'm tagging: cherry, anche, nhila, ivy wu, and twinnie sophia.


Kaytee said...

hey patty! didn't know you were also a journ major! hmm... maybe we even saw each other at CMC! :)

eventuallypretty said...

what batch ka? my gash. i'm sure you know lots of people that i know. small world. :)

Kaytee said...

super small world nga! my student number is 94, but i transferred to Journ 1st sem of 95. did you have an org?

eventuallypretty said...

UP MCO. 95 din ako journ. Hahaha...ano ba yun kay uchi pa tayo nagkakilala. :)

Kaytee said...

UP JC ako... This is so funny howa how we ended up meeting!

eventuallypretty said...

goodnesh. and kakapasyal ko lang sa blog mo, yung ibang links mo kilala ko nga! si yinsu ayan oh link ko hehehe blockmate ko yun. :)

... beachfreak said...

Oh mah goodness. Haha. Ngayon ko lang nakita 'to. Hehe. But I'll do it kahit super duper late na. Sowee.

Been busy lately :)