Monday, December 05, 2005

4 weddings and my hang up

ivy got married last saturday. she was one of the first people i met during freshie enrollment in UP and fortunately we were blockmates. and became best friends. she's the first too among my closest college buddies to get married and to get me as a part of the entourage. i was all nervous lighting up the candle (took me two tries) and i had to turn the fan away from it upon gail's (ivy's hubby)instructions.

ang candle sponsor *bow*

i was there with my BF and it got us to thinking what would we do if we did get married (though i still shudder at the thought). even the people at the office got into the subject after i related to them what happened at the wedding. three people at the Talent Center are marrying next year. i still could not imagine marching down the aisle in my white gown with at least a hundred eyes on me. i can't see myself making ridiculous poses for pictorial sessions (yeah me the phone cam addict i know.) and i can't bring myself to think of the money that's gonna be involved for that one event only. gah! i mean saving up for so long then boom, you're married and you start saving up all over again. getting married means growing up and i dunno if i am all grown up for those kinds of things.

my mom is also bugging me on the subject. with my younger sis' engagement and my older sister's not so glamorous family situation, she has asked me if i am willing to go into an arranged marriage so that i could have a better life in the US. she doesn't want me suffering like my ate. guess what my answer is? well if you know me you'd say no. i am pretty independent and my mom knows that. and though she wants that she won't force me. it is after all my life. and moving to the states isn't always a better life. i dunno if i can still say that a few years from now but you can throw rocks at me later if i do change my mind. but i know she only wants the best for me and my sisters.

forgive me for babbling. there are a lot of complications in getting hitched i know. but this is just me getting started with the things at the top of my head. i have a lot of hang-ups really. one reason would be coming from a broken family and my mom raising us single handedly.

sabi ko nga kay ivy di ba pwedeng "surprise! kasal na kami!" na lang? hehehe...


Quentin said...

marriage, marriage, marriage. i guess everybody is saying it's the be-all and end-all of people's lives. and the thousand and one self-help books tackling every facet and fixture about it >:D i guess you know you're ready when you no longer ask the question "why?" but rather the question "why not?". if you believe things will be better when the commitments are formal, then by all means! like my fave saying, if you get a good one, you'll be happy. if not, you'll be a philosopher. and that's a good thing for any (wo)man!

oh yeah, you know what, lately I think your blog should no longer be dark, but something light colored and happy. want me to design one for you? i'll put little cute things here and there (guffaws in the background)

eventuallypretty said...

i want you to teach me to change stuff. ayoko ng gawan mo ko no...mamaya picture mo ilagay mo hehehehe...

teka bat light colored and happy? obvious ba yun sa posts ko? :)

Quentin said...

kase it's just the color theme is -- not you anymore >_< besides, para at least yung dumadaan sa blog mo gumiginhawa pakiramdam.

atsaka i'd like to try baby colors :}

meowok said...

you and i have almost the same sentiments on marriage... ^ ^;
i also think that a big part or function of weddings in this country is for pakitang tao. 'lam mo na... to appease parents, para ipakita sa lipunan na masaya ka at may nahuli kang magpapatali sa yo, at lalung-lalo na... na may pera kang magpakasal.
^ ^;

eventuallypretty said...

bibams: hindi naman sa nagkukuripot ako or anything its that the money can be spent for something more err...useful. like downpayment for a house for example.

i think i'll just get married in a posh jollibee store (meron ba nun) and hand out styrophors of chicken joy to the guests. don't forget your twirly ice cream at the door hehehe...wouldn't that be memorable? ^_^