Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another attempt at Hello Kitty Food

Noticed that some of the stuff I bought from Lyn were about to expire so I decided to cook it for my test subjects name Randy and Pia. First I tried the Hello Kitty Microwaveable Chocolate Cake. Since the instructions were in Japanese, I had to guess approximately what the recipe was. Got milk, mixed the stuff then placed it in the microwave...after a minute, I could smell it burning! Gah! I took it out and it was as hard as a rock (but still very cute). My willing victim for the day(Randy) still ate it though. Para daw cookie instead of being a cake.

I made the Hello Kitty Pudding/Flan the next day. Made another mistake by assuming it's like leche flan and placed the sauce into the molds first (after na pala dapat) so my Kitties ended up looking sunog hahahaha... Pia didn't like the taste much but again my willing victim, Randy ate it all up.

I have still one more box of each to perfect things mwahahahah...


Anonymous said...

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mai said...

hahaha! buti na lang at may randy-ng always a willing victim :-)