Thursday, May 01, 2008

A happy day

Randy and I went out the other night to watch Iron Man's first day at the cinemas. He's gotten spoiled watching movies at the Shang so since the 7:15 pm showing was already full we had no choice but to get tickets for the 10pm run. We even ran into Jinky and her boyfriend, who I met for the first time. Wanted to chat with Jinx since we haven't seen each other for a long time but I didn't want to impose a double date so I just said hi and hello.

We then counted the minutes at Wham Burger (where he was irritated to death by the fellas at the other table who spoke in cono english quite loudly). We also walked around the shops at the 5th floor then finally settled for a java chip frap at Starbucks to pass the time.

Iron Man time came and I was really impressed with all the robotics (and with Robert Downey jr. for some reason). One thing bothered me though, and it has nothing to do with the movie. There were kids ages 5-7 watching the movie that involved war, sex and violence. I was wondering why the MTRCB gave it a ratedPG rating when it wasn't a simple super hero movie. Can a 5-year-old understand the concept of arms dealing, betrayal and the reason behind Tony Stark's change of mind to do good? Ayyy...di ko maubos maisip kung ano na ang mangyayari sa kids nowadays...

Anyway, the movie was good and I'm definitely gonna watch the sequel (Bitin kasi hehehe)

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meowok said...

Hi, Patty! Tagal ko nang di nakakapag-blog hop, dami work kasi.

My hubby and I also loved the Iron Man movie, but the experience was spoiled for us by some 'kano guy and his Pinay GF who were talking very loudly about scenes happening in the movie. -_-

Lumipat na lang kami ng upuan, buti na lang 1st screening iyon at hindi pa puno yung sinehan. We are also eagerly awaiting the sequel (and the DVD release!) :D