Thursday, September 07, 2006

You Are Here...

Me and the gang were finally up and about last Friday but it was not the usual 'joyride' we used to have. Actually our "driver" Jerry was in the hospital and we visited him after his operation (as to which part of his's a secret) at the Medical City along Ortigas.

Yes. We were right there.

It was a very weird get-together you might say, missing months of taking 'joyrides' together. They planned it to be an all-nighter but how can 8 people sleep inside a very cramped room?

Me standing beside Jerry's dextrose which he moved to make room for Grace on his bed.

Jerry tried his best to be sober around us but within minutes we had him cracking up (the doctor told him not to laugh too much). The poor patient had to even endure watching us while we ate his favorite monggo soup, kare-kare and fish for dinner (bawal kasi sa kanya hehehe).

Poor guy. He even had to make room for us on his bed. He can't even walk properly yet.

Here are some of the people present during this "rare event":

Grace, the gal who hogged Jerry's bed and the remote *lol*

Ana, just discovered the joy of Eaji's salsa dip and couldn't stop saying 'Mmmm....'

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Ate Net texting away on her motorazor...

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Thess, also checking up on 'someone'...

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Zeny, pretty shocked at what Jerry 'revealed' to her (he put on a show for the early birds a few minutes before)

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And last but not the least the overworked Nhila Mallari who had a 5AM flight the following day.

It was important for us to be there that day for Jerry is actually leaving for the US in a few weeks. *sniff* No more joyrides. There will be a special despidida for him but I guess we're catching up on lost time.

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The gang. Hopefully we'll still journey together even without B3 (short for Batu-Batong Bakla).

Get well soon Jers. See you on the 15th.

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