Thursday, September 21, 2006

Food thoughts

I'm really scrapping the end of the barrel here, blogging about what we talk about during lunch. Just so I keep you guys happy with something to read, please forgive me for my so-so thoughts lately.

So how should I start this? The lunch group were talking about stuff that we don't like to eat. Of course veggies come on top of the list. Me, I'm a bit picky about sea food -- I don't eat crab and some fishies like ayungin and hito. They smell real bad for me to eat. I remember my sister and I hated it when my Lola cooked ayungin or hito because most of the time we were the designated clean up crew after every meal. Eventhough we didn't eat em, the fish will stink up the dining table, the plates, even the glasses. Washing the stuff is a real chore cause even after you use Joy and calamansi on your hands, it still stinks big time. Well, that off my chest we then proceeded to talking about weird stuff we eat. Someone (I don't recall who) said that a friend of his/her ate everything with ketchup, which was like eww, considering he likes eating sinigang with it. We recalled the Mang Tomas lechon sauce ads where they made the sauce a spread for pandesal. double eww.

Now here are the list so far of things people I know don't like to eat:

*okra (Grace and Randy hate the slimy stuff)
*cucumber (Again the sliminess of the veggie gets to Randy)
*suka (Thess gets a point here)
*mayonaisse (Thess and Lucille as far as I can remember has never touched the stuff)
*avocado (This makes Pia vomit)
*pizza (How can anyone hate this food? Well, Cors does)
*food with red sauce (Cors really hates 'em & this includes spaghetti)
*crab (I like the synthetic kani but the real thing makes me go "Gross!")
*liver (The 2 Pia's I know would rather jump off a building than eat liver)
*ponkan (Again Thess gets the point on this one)
*watermelon (Si Thess ulit! Weird ng taste buds ng taong to di ba?)
*hamburger (Cors din ayaw nito)
*menudo (Nauumay si Flow dito)
*tuyong adobo (Si Pia naman ang umay dito)
*ampalaya (Grace had to endure this because of her anemia, she had no other choice)

Contributions to this list are welcome.


tinawjj said...

ako ayaw ko rin okra saka avocado.

Quentin said...

siguro ang hindi ko lang kakainin ay bato. atsaka lupa. yun.

hil said...

i understand hating liver and okra and menudo even...but how can you hate pizza?! it's pizza! that's enough to like it!


i'm totally deadseta against: dog, cat, rat and balot. and because of my korean addiction, i was able to overcome my hatred for labanos. ^^

Anonymous said...

Liver and avocados (noted) plus lychees and its cousins, and white milk. Kadiri. Vanilla anything makes me gag as well. Hito and dalag - kasi panget yung fish.