Tuesday, August 09, 2005

some firsts...

FIRST thing u did this morning: check my cellphone for the time (woke up 3 mins before the alarm.)
FIRST thing to do before going to sleep: brush my teeth
FIRST pet: goldfish. uh i don't remember the name anymore.
FIRST primary school: Our Lady of Grace Academy
FIRST alcoholic drink u had: beer from my lolo's glass. but yung real drink was i think vodka.
FIRST time u entered a bar: err i'm a late bloomer. 4th year college na i think.
FIRST time u were sent to the principal for disciplinary action:
never! -- i'm such a goody goody.
FIRST big crush: oh boy. oh boy.
FIRST record u bought: i think it was a new kids on the block tape if i'm not mistaken.
FIRST musical instrument u learned to play: err...cymbals?
FIRST concert u watched: concerts sa school. haha pathetic.
FIRST sport u played: habulan
FIRST terrible fight: i'm a peace loving person.
FIRST best friend: Lucille
FIRST friend's wedding u've attended: joy espinocilla's i think.
FIRST person who greeted u on your last birthday: jiale
FIRST collection: stationaries
FIRST time u saw a ghost: i haven't really.
FIRST roller coaster ride: geez does the fiesta carnival count? *lol*
FIRST ambition: i think it was to be a cashier. or a teacher.
FIRST job: editorial assistant na all around.
FIRST thing u bought with your 1st salary: clothes
FIRST thing u bought today: MRT ticket
FIRST person u hated: Sheryl Cruz hahaha
LAST name: Ramirez
LAST gimmick: Anna's birthday
LAST concert u watched: tagal na Black Eyed Peas pa ata
LAST book you bought: The Second Summer of The Travelling Pants
LAST thing you bought: green bayo jacket
LAST tv show watched: Battle Shinhwa on Arirang
LAST movie you watched: If Only
LAST song listened: Waiting In Vain MYMP version
LAST argument: on the cel, with my mom because of my eldest sister's probs -- again.

feel free to add some more first questions ;)


kalypso said...

bakit kayo may ganito?

eventuallypretty said...

ala lang. pampalipas post. heehee.

Quentin said...

so when will you first become lesbian? lol

btw, i'm at it again:

eventuallypretty said...

@ quentin: never. you and your wishes. :P