Thursday, August 11, 2005

of rain and burger patties

it's another rainy day. i don't like what i am wearing today. i changed my wardrobe plans the last minute because of this darn rain. bye to the plans of wearing my black pumps, hello to my dirty adidas sneaks.

actually i have nothing to say today. except that last night during our usual joyride trip to muntinlupa, we decided to drop by wendy's along boni. i could have gone home because i was already right at my doorstep *lol* but who could resist wasting some precious sleep time? while thinking of what to order, we chanced upon the ad above. it's amusing to see my name, as a fast food entree. i thought all along that burger patties were spelled as pattie but i guess the singular form is really patty. i was even irked before, being referred to as Hamburger Patty. para akong merienda *lol* got used to that by now though,with the other Patty combinations they have thought of (anti-patty-ka, fatty fats, patty acids, patty cake, patty-ma, patty-pat, patty-bong, patty betita and patty laurel).

and what's funny was that you can get me for only 20 pesos more. now is that a bargain or what? :)

ps. after a few minutes into this post i googled the right spelling of the pattie/patty. well what do you know, both are right.

from merriam-webster online:
Main Entry: pat·ty
Variant(s): also pat·tie /'pa-tE/
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural patties
Etymology: French pâté pâté
1 : a little pie
2 a : a small flat cake of chopped food (a hamburger patty) b : a small flat candy (a peppermint patty)
3 : patty shell


tinawjj said...

at least the variations to your name is better than mine: tina-pay, tina-pon etc.

i give dagger looks whenever anyone starts mutilating my name.

gelamae said...

at least ang meaning ng name mo ay puno ng maliliit na salita...'small' and 'little'...hehe...

poison ivy said...

hay, they seldom call me by my true name na- ivywu, wu, ivytot, ivynge. hehehe!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

parang kilala ko kung sino ang tumatawag sa yo ng anti-patty-ka. ehehehehehe

I don't have a nickname but my friends keep giving me monickers like che, cher, cherry pink, cherry-peppermint-spearmint-flavor, and (as tina insists) sunshine for the TEC girls.