Thursday, August 25, 2005


i'm sort of preoccupied right now. i've got this thing on draft for some time now so...pagtiyagaan niyo muna. :)


1. The lines during registration. I remember the days when i had to wake up at 3 in the am, get to school at 530 (all the way from bocaue yan ha) thinking i was one of the early birds. i was wrong. there was already a list and people slept outside the college (UP-CMC). but lining up was one big exciting party. always.

2. UP-MCO. one of the things that made me like college very much. my org since i was a sophomore and became membership committee head senior year. i thought i was a sorority girl but i was better off an org girl. :)

3. Long walks from AS to CMC then to the main library then back again. or walking from CMC to New Era when it's hard getting a ride sa SM North jeep or Pantranco jeep.

4. My comics writing, children's story writing, socio, humanities 1 and electronic news room classes. i never got lazy attending these classes. my humanities class was 7 in the morning and i regret coming to class always late.

5. The trees that line up the oval. there's just something very serene about it.

6. Camping and Nat Sci classes dahil sa crush naming si Carlos C. aka Archi. kung sino man po ang nakakaalam ng kanyang kinaroroonan balitaan niyo po kami. *lol*

7. Rodics, Beach House, Shopping Center, Lutong Bahay and Little Vinvin's. The latter tortured us to death during our breaks when we had long major classes sa CMC. No choice kumbaga.

8. Ikot and toki jeepney rides.

9. Econ 101 with winnie monsod. could i just say this class killed my average first sem of senior year?

10. film appreciation 101. also known as trips to SM City to watch a movie during the long break between Philo 1 (10 AM to 11:30 AM) and Journ 101 (1 PM to 2:30 PM). Needless to say madalas walang tao sa Journ 101 class namin.

11.Doodling on our desks sa CMC. sana andun pa si sailor jupiter ko hehehe...

12. Lantern Parade. The day i had my first drinking session. i remember drinking beer, vodka, martini and tequila all in one night at gay's house. helen getting drunk, myra laughing her ass off and fritzie making a booboo.

13. FOPC or Freshmen Orientation Program Committee. I remember my HS friend Tricia telling me that i'm so lucky to get into UP cause i will be able to watch Eraserheads whenever i want to. FOPC gave a concert back then with the Eheads headlining the show. and through the FOPC i met my future orgmates (who were our block handlers at the time) and dahil din sa FOPC nagpapakahirap ang MCO para sa points for recognition and pwesto sa steering committee.

14. trips to Katipunan. National Bookstore tambay ata kami ni ivy noon.

15. my pager! hahaha...

16. recruitment week sa org. then the membership. then the final rites. yung landslide ng applicants nung panahon namin. the drama. the siksikan sa tambayan pag GA. gosh i miss the tambayan. yung agawan sa logbook. yung tawanan about sa nakasulat sa logbook. yung mga may HD at nagkatuluyan at nagkaiwanan.

17. yung mga panlalait namin nina nei sa mga dumadaan habang nakaupo at kumakain sa may batibot sa tabi ni ate edith na nagtitinda ng fishball. i still remember jinky's classic question "Pangit ba ko?" *lol*


Quentin said...

i miss college too. or what i remember of it -_- those were the Dark Ages. living in a time when boarding houses are windowless dungeons, and the local septic tank located just in front overflowing one rainy morning.

ahirunopekkles said...

hey...i thought were going to have a field trip at your old school... :)

juOn said...

Hoy Patty! I hate you for posting that pic! bwahahahahahahaha I miss you guys! Gwabe na to. And I miss our talks in the bus pauwi ng Bulacan. Loka ka! At bakit may boypren ka? hahahahahahahaha. :-)