Thursday, August 18, 2005

...resist the attraction of bad habits.

that's what my horoscope is for today. and chelo i have a theory (yet again) that the problem i was talking to you about may turn into just that. my attraction to never ending bad relationships. i'm thinking it may end in another disaster. if it isn't already.



Quentin said...

let me tell what i learned from a networking (LOL) seminar.

people program themselves to be that way. after program comes behaviour. after behaviour comes habit :}

it's like when our parents program us to be afraid of the dark. then we become afraid of the dark. and then it's our habit to be afraid of dark places (or not, lol).

gday! :}

kalypso said...

it's not that you're attracted to bad relationships. nagkataon lang yon... i'm not just saying that ha... di rin maganda yung ni isa walang dumadaan (e.g., ah, hmm, ay me!) hehehe!