Thursday, December 16, 2004

pieces of me

i got this from maoui david's blog. it speaks of what im thinking of now. im still hope tortured. but i do believe that he doesn't know that i feel about him this way. and that he's hurting me. im pasting together the broken pieces of me, to be a bit shiny and new somehow. hopefully the cracks don't show much, this girl with a broken smile. oh im watching how to lose a guy in 10 days and kate hudson said this line a while ago..."You can't lose something you never had..." ouch right through the heart! *lol*

just wanted to share this to you people, though maoui i made a little twist at the end...

im not gonna give in
im not gonna fall
whenever its you who finally calls
this time its over
im keeping my heart
im gonna be strong
and not fall apart
it will get better
ill no longer cry
in a couple of weeks
i wont want to die
i wont go back
ill be able to sleep
it wont hurt so bad
and it wont strike so deep
im convincing myself
find someone new
i wont be alone
BUT i wont be with you...


shannenita said...

ang sakit naman nito!!! magpapasko pa naman...

David said...

hey.. you know what? i wrote something about hope torture, even before reading this. no really! you have to believe me. hahaha.. i emailed you about hope torture cuz i remembered that from somewhere else (in this blog i think) and then i decided to see if you've updated this, and you did. heheh. i think i know how you feel now...