Saturday, December 11, 2004

hope torture

you definitely learn stuff on TV everyday.

the sappy bunch of us tc girls most of the time stay later than usual to catch lovers in paris when its 'alanganin' for us to go home. the kilig moments usually get the shrieks and giggles -- even the married ladies do this *lol* -- but the one dialog that got me was the one shared by vivian last friday.

hope torture -- 2 people who like each other return the same amount of feelings they have for one another. If the guy gives his love to the girl this much, the girl should also give the same amount of love back. But if the guy or girl does not return the same feelings to his or her partner and does not return a clear signal, what he/she is doing is hope torture. The guy/girl gives hope to the other person, which becomes something that person holds on to.

i am being hope tortured *lol*
jopen says i just analyze things too much.
sabi ko nga!

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