Tuesday, December 21, 2004


i was thinking of what to title this entry. and the movie wimbledon and tennis came to mind. love is a game. so i therefore conclude that my score is love-zero. haha magulo.

its really fun to laugh with friends. talking to 'charlotte' is always such a big relief, for i know im not going to be judged, made fun of or scoffed at. and she always finds my 'love stories' hilarious. or i just make them fun enough so as i or them take my 'heart adventures' not so seriously.

but then again just when i thought i was joining the SMP (Samahang Malalamig ang Pasko) for the 26th time, someone takes me seriously. he says im his and he's mine but then again i still have my doubts. why does my heart always doubt so much? im still afraid of getting hurt so i don't give in entirely. charlotte tells me im becoming like a "guy" when it comes to relationships. well experience is the best teacher. and i learn to adapt. so if you, my SO read this please forgive me for not giving my heart fully.

it hurts to fall.

oh today was the talent center christmas party. i got my hello kitty bag yehey! but i didnt win the i-pod. shucks.

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