Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A new friend shared with me this Thai song. Describes just about everything I feel.


Well, I know that I'm insignificant, and I know I can't be much
However longer, the more hopeless it is
When you never turn to look at me
And though there's never a day you'll be interested
And I know regardless of how long, you might have to leave me

But right now I still have time to let myself search for a good reason
To stop you right now, but I know full well it's hopeless
Even though no matter how much I love you
I know you probably won't be interested
I still dream and I still hope inside my mind that someday you'll have me
But I know it can't be
When you think I'm nothing, but it's okay
I want to ask to have you always in my heart for a long time...

And even though the things I do today might not be able to make you feel good
The things are enough to only bother you
I want to ask you to listen well
To the final lyrics I want to dedicate to you
That I sifted out from my heart and have to give you alone

I don't know how much longer until I can remove you from my heart
Until the good memories can fade away
Until I'll be able to love someone else again...
When you think I'm nothing
But it's okay, as long as I'm still breathing,
I'll love you forever...

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