Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Everything's blurry to me lately figuratively and literally. My eyes are having problems again and as of now I'm writing this entry with my face just 4 inches from my monitor.

I'm trying my hardest to get moving with my life. I'm using all my strength just to get up everyday. And put on a nice, decent face for my mom to look at. I'm happy that she's here but I'm also anxious to get my privacy back. So I don't have to pretend I'm okay. A friend told me yesterday after hearing what happened, "Sana di mo na lang nakilala ano?" I don't really know what to answer at this point.

Here's the song that's currently playing over and over again in my head since last night. I really should stop listening to these things...but I can't help it. I hope someday my heart will cease to try understanding his heart.

So I put on my make up put a smile on my face
And if anyone ask me everything is ok
laughing cause no one knows the joke is on me
Cause I'm dying inside with my pride and a smile on my

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