Saturday, August 01, 2009

The rain ruined my Saturday

Me: Anong gusto mo tignan?

Guy A: Ikaw.

Me: Ikaw?

Guy A: Ikaw. *grin*

Guy A was supposed to come over today but because of the strong downpour, we just hung out at the mall, talked over coffee for around three hours. He asked me what else I wanted to do. Well, what is there to do inside the mall?

Then before the rains get any stronger he suggested we go home early. Eh. I still wanted to spend more time with him. But did I speak up? No. I just let him hold and kiss my hand again.

Oh he mentioned na it's good that I'm opening up to him now. So was I too quiet all this time? It's hard to put my guard down with our "situation".

So where is this all going? Still the same old question.

And I so wanted to kiss him. Pfft.

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