Sunday, August 09, 2009

And the plot thickens

In my drunken craziness after my boss' party, I went online at 3AM just to chat with Guy A. And with me a lil bit loosened up, I managed to persuade him to hang out with me Saturday. He told me when we had dinner last Thursday that we might not see each other over the weekend so I was feeling a bit victorious.

Saturday afternoon rolls along and he suddenly texts me he might not be able to make it. So I think, what else is new? I was so tempted to reply just 'ok' but i threw in a sad emoticon just for the heck of it. Well, well, he suddenly calls me up and tells me he was joking and would be dropping by by 4.

Coincidentally, my sister had some friends over and they decided to go to the mall. So when Guy A arrives we were alone in the apartment. Our painting session soon moves to a steamy make out session hahaha. But we stop because he tells me we might be moving a bit too fast. At first I was like 'wha? what's happening' and then I slowly come back to earth. And I realize he was right. And I'm glad we did stop before things got more complicated than it already is.

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