Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My 2nd Singapore Adventure (long overdue)

Well, as some of you know, I have been to Singapore before, in 2003 when my fan girlishness took me to meet a stranger (turned friend -- Hi Jeanette!) and watch the MTV Music Awards then hosted by Vanness Wu and Michelle Branch. I was there for almost 4 days but they were spent preparing stuff, lining up at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, stalking Vanness at the Fullerton (yeah,yeah) and artist sight seeing. Jeanette also had a job so I only got to roam around the places near her home and not touristy stuff. Hence I didn't see much of Singapore.

Glody, my bff from highschool invited me to go on a trip with her to Singapore last June and I said yes. I was determined to tour Singapore this time but the problem was I had time restrictions so we had to stick to our schedule religiously. However as you can imagine our flight was forever delayed courtesy of PAL (never had a flight there na on time). Day one was wasted as you can see for instead of arriving at Changi Airport around 6PM we got there at 1130PM! While passing the time at the Centennial though, Glody and I were amused by Korean couples dressed up in matching outfits! Is that the "In" thing there? Everywhere you looked you can see pairs wearing the same tee...You know me I'm a sucker for Korean trends so I tried that 'pair dressing' here with Randy, but that's for another story.

Anyway so first day all I got to see was the Moren (who I met at the Mc Donalds in the airport) and Fragrance hotel where we stayed. Following day, I got to meet Thomas, Glody's boyfriend and the 'tour marathon' started. We ate at a nearby fast food and ordered hainanese chicken curry noodles and some beef with rice. Thomas ate only egg and toast so he was looking at me and Glody oddly gobbling everything in sight. Of course, it's going to be a busy day so we really have to gas up hehe... By 11 AM we were already on our way to Orchard Road and first on the agenda was shopping! Hahaha, yes I blew half of my pocket money in a few minutes. We went to Lucky Plaza to have money changed then off to Wisma and the nearby malls. Actually almost all the stuff I brought were for other people. We planned to go to Sentosa next and all off a sudden it started to rain. Bummer, so we decided to browse some electronic shops nearby while waiting for the rain to stop, which fortunately was over quickly.

Then our next stop was Vivo City, which the taxi driver said was the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. It was not really impressive (mas higante pa ang Mall of Asia) but the train to Sentosa was located there. We stopped at a cafe there (gosh I forgot its name) because of the delicious looking cakes displayed at the window. And besides Thomas was feeling the aftermath of his tiny breakfast. Haha... Couldn't resist taking pics of the cakes. They were too pretty to eat. Then we were off again... Got to Sentosa finally! We went to take pics at the Merlion then saw their mini museum. After that we had to take the bus to the Aquarium. Here I experienced what Phoebe (my college bud) was talking about when she worked there. We were squashed inside the bus with a bunch of 'them' and we couldn't breathe. As the bus started lurching forward, it was like they had a signal and everyone of them raised their arms to hold the safety bars. I didn't know where to look hahaha di ako makahinga... anyway at the aquarium we also experienced the same thing. Glody tried her best not to breathe but how can you not breathe? *lol* The place was fun though and Thomas even brought me a souvenir. :)

It's already around 5 in the PM and we had another place on our list...the Singapore Night Safari! Di pa kami pagod (or pretending lang)! We had dinner first at Bongo Burgers and I bought some cutesy stuff toys for my niece and nephew afterwards. Then we had to stand for 30 minutes in a stuffy area for the animal show. Then it was off to the train were we toured the forest (or is it a jungle) and looked at some animals. Our tired feet got to rest at this part, they were screaming for us to stop walking already. We got back to the hotel at around 10 or so. I was so dead tired, I didn't even join Glody and Thomas for a quick drink somewhere.

Third day. The day of my departure. Glody and I planned some last minute shopping without Thomas, who wanted more time to sleep. Then at around 12, we were all off to the airport and lo and behold, my flight was delayed once again. If you're wondering why I returned alone, Glody and Thomas spent 3 more days of quality time together without me the third wheel hanging around. *lol* The two stayed at the airport for a while and we had lunch at a restaurant there. Then at around 2PM, I had to go in and say good-bye to them. I browsed the duty free shop and unloaded the remaining Singapore dollars I had with me. 5:30PM I got on board the plane and at around 9PM I landed at the Centennial Airport (real crummy compared to Changi). I'm home once again.

So there goes my Singapore marathon. I hope you drink a lot of water after racing with me, reading this story (this was in my draft folder since July 14. Hehehe).

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... beachfreak said...

Huy! Balik tayo! 5000php na lang ang Singa!

moren said...

ate patty ngayon ko lang nabasa ang entry mo... hayy eto di na naman ako makapag blog...hindi dahil sa busy... di ako makapag compose ng maayos! lech. miss u!