Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm sick

I know, I know...I'm sick in the head a long long time ago. I haven't blogged much lately so might as well update you in the world of viruses...I've been nursing a terrible cough since Sunday. My throat hurts from coughing too much but mind you I've been drinking up on cough syrup and such (Di ako adik!). I dunno when the coughing fits will end. Had to attend a meeting a while ago and boy, was it hard suppressing my virus from spreading around the conference room. *spray ng lysol*

Anyways, It was our 2nd year anniv last Aug 28, but with this cough (also butas na bulsa) it was a so-so celebration. Actually may advance party yun eh, but maganda pa rin on the day it self di ba?

Enough na of this rambling baka maikwento ko pa sa inyo yung cheesy details masuka pa kayo hahaha...

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