Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post New Year's Post

Yeah yeah. It's already 2007 and I'm a week or so behind from posting. But it is better late than never... so here I am.

Christmas was again spent at my lola's in Bulacan. I was taken aback to know 2 weeks later that my lola was extra glad of our stay there. She cooked the usual beef asado. There was also my Tita Muriel's bbq (I'm drooling just remembering it). Lola added her special dinuguan to this year's Christmas menu. My uncle and his family came. My cousin and his wife irritated me by telling me I should get married soon (I'm old enough to decide on this please). Surprisingly my Ate, her husband and kids made an appearance this year. There's supposed to be a group photo sent to me by the aforementioned cousin but knowing him he'll send it Christmas next year. So I'm just posting a picture of my mom's Christmas mug. She's missing Christmas in Pinas. We miss her too. *sniff*

I mentioned attending the Talent Center Christmas party. And I had the same feelings about it like last year's. They were all still my friends yet things are...different. I was already an outsider. It was fun watching them do dance numbers, have fun games, take group pictures etc. But it's real sad not being a part of those things. Ugh. Anyway, no moping now so here's me and Leah trying to look decent. Oh and I enjoyed the open bar too. :)

Katie went home for a visit again! This time we met her at Brother's Burger in Rockwell. Uchi wanted to eat at San-Sung but Katie veetoed it -- sawa na siya sa Korean food hahaha. We were one long table and exhanged gifts. I asked Katie to get me a Korean Elle Girl mag and she did! Super thanks friend :) After that it was norebang (videoke in layman's terms haha) at Don't Tell Mama (that's the name of the place, no kidding) and then a visit at the newly discovered "My Room", a place that sells Korean stuff like books, K-pop CDs (as in orig ha) and other cutesy things. Almost all of us bought a Korean spoon you can bring in your lunch box. I envied Paola who can read, speak and understand Korean after studying in Korea for a sem.

Of course the season would not have been complete if the 'sisterhood' did not have a Christmas party of their own. So Jopen, Joy and I hied off to faraway Cavite, fetched Leah then zoomed to Tagaytay. It was darn cold but would that stop us? First stop was the Tagaytay Vista Lodge. No, we did not check in. We just used their restroom *lol* Jopen really had to drive by and inquire so we girls decided to take advantage of their facilities hehehe... Then we had dinner at Bag of Beans. Their food was quite yummy. And we did a talk marathon, which we haven't done for a long, long time.

Here are some nice stuff I got and discovered during the holidays:

My Meiji stash. I sooo love the one in the middle. I got some of the chocolates as exchange gifts. So don't mind me when I complain that I'm so fat hehehehe...

Franzen and Jayson. The mug mates. The two were part of Jihan and Moby's adopt-a-fish/gift giving at the office. Flow and I joined forces and placed the tiger barbs in a mug. Sadly, they weren't part of the survivors. They've gone to fishy heaven 2 days after adoption.

This is the Elle Girl Korean edition Katie bought for me. Real cool, with a Se7en fashion spread too. Alas, I can't read any of the articles. It's all in hangul. T_T

Magnolia has this new popsicle/pinipig crunch type of dairy bar. Has a choco coating and rainbow sprinkles on it. Kinda reminds me of their goodies back then called fun-something. I totally forgot what it's called. If you can remember what those funny shaped ice cream sticks (may banana flavor, strawberry, orange pa ata yung and pastel ang kulay niya) give me a buzz. :)

A picture of my first family of rabbits. This was still taped on the fridge in Bulacan. They're real cute but I don't wanna breed them. It's already hard taking care of one, how much more a bunch.

More breaking news for the year -- My boss has finally resigned, whoopee! Bad news, someone from the outside (again) is replacing her daw. Mahilig talaga mga tao dito sa puro yabang lang sa labas, wala naman maibuga sa trabaho. Hay more of this work angst later. On the lighter side, I got kissed yesterday by two gorgeous men -- Piolo and Sam. Hahaha... galit na galit si Cors sa akin. Many would kill to be in my shoes but di ko kasi sila type eh. Friends lang ang tingin ko sa kanila. *lol*

I should stop talking now. Randy's on his way to pick me up and I still have a lot of work to do. :)


ahirunopekkles said... can you stop rabbits from breeding... :)


patty...if the boylets in my life are anything like these two gorgeous men, wehe...i'd be one happy freak!

eventuallypretty said...

@ Leah: ewan. hahaha...

@ dhing: i wish din for you friend. :)