Saturday, October 07, 2006

My eye hurts

Contact lenses + eye rubbing + abrasion + bacteria = eye infection

Yep. That's what the pain in my left eye was for the past few days. Good thing I knew it wasn't an ordinary 'sore eye' and headed straight to the doctor despite my scheduled job interview (which I had rescheduled). Anyway, a thousand pesos poorer, I need to have eye under medication for 2 weeks. I also have to sleep early, time my computer usage AND I can't wear my contacts, boo-hoo.

So for two whole weeks I'm back to my old, nerdy self. *sigh*


igor said...

curse of contact lens wearers... O_o;; happened bad to me too one time. straight weeks of overnight editorial work wearing contacts. ayun... parang ang hapdi nya at di ka tumitigil umiyak... so now instead of wearing them whole day, i remove them when in the office... O_o;;

uchisan said...

glasses are keeeeeewwwwwwllllll!!! ^__^